Angel Eyes


Angel Eyes is an unreleased Van Halen demo from the early 1970s.   David Lee Roth sings a longing vocal accompanied by only a sparse acoustic guitar.  Very haunting.  The track is said to have been considered for the 1979 album Van Halen II, only to have been nixed as it didn't mesh with the rest of the album.  A rare find, yet well known to the VH fanbase. 

Angel Eyes

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Episode 2

Art 002 sm

I guess I just couldn't leave well enough alone.  Even Bruce Willis got the hint after giving us "The Return Of Bruno".  But I ain't goin' out like that!  Nope.  So I took a couple hours out of my day off to bring the jams to the people. 

A perfect show for a Friday.  Kick the weekend off with the latest episode of The Still Unnamed Program... Put it on you ipod or burn it to disc.  1 hour 12 minutes.

Link to the MP3 file here:  GG-002

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As Yet Unnamed Program

Art 001 sm
Well I've done it.  I've recorded my first episode of a radio format music show podcast.  Or maybe my last show.  I'll leave that up to you.  Something I've been feeling like doing for a while, more than a whim, but not much.  I realized I had a host of free DJ software, a mixer, and a microphone.. and, well,, something about idle hands... 

Modeled (blatantly) after Adam Curry's Daily Source Code podcast,  I play a variety of tunes; old and new, with a little bit of blather from me in betweenPerfect car companion for your commute; put it on your iPod for your next workout at the gym or whatever.  Check it out.  Turn it up.  Enjoy.  Clocking in at about an hour and 17 minutes.

Link to the MP3 file here:    GG-001 Debut Episode

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80s Countdown Montage


Here is a montage I created from snippets of nine classic songs from the 80s.  The clips are of vocals featuring the numbers 9 through 1.  The challenge is to name the title and artist for all nine songs.  The sequence runs pretty fast, so you might have to listen to it more than once.  Good luck.

The montage was recently featured on an episode of Steve Spears' "Stuck in The 80's" podcast.  Here's a link to episode #302.

80s countdown montage

- Answers -

House Recipe Mix

House Recipe

Here's my attempt to make a techno club-mix.   I made this sometime in 1994; mostly late 80s, early 90s stuff.  46 minutes.  Enjoy.

    LA Style - Jesus on Channel Four
    Art Of Noise - Paranomia (Carl Cox mix)
    Front 242 - Welcome To Paradise
    Nitzer Ebb - Getting Closer
    Fortran 5 - Love baby
    Depeche Mode - Strangelove (Pain mix)
    Fortran 5 - Look To The Future
    Erasure - Love To Hate You
    ZZ Top - Sleeping Bag
    Deee-Lite - World Clique
    Depeche Mode - World In My Eyes
    Fortran 5 - Heart On The Line
    New Order - Bizarre Love triangle
    Yaz - Situation
    Soft Cell - Tainted Love
    Stereo MC's - Connected

House Recipe Mix


Supersauce was a jazz/funk/R&B band from the San Francisco bay area.  They played a lot of clubs, but never went on to huge success, and eventually splintered apart.  Lead singer Gretchen Lieberum has since released several solo records.  Co-vocalist Maya Rudolph went on to a career in acting and became a regular on Saturday Night Live.  Here's the track "Say Baby" from their 1995 demo tape   [Yeah - tape. I digitized this one myself.] 

Say Baby