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Well I've done it.  I've recorded my first episode of a radio format music show podcast.  Or maybe my last show.  I'll leave that up to you.  Something I've been feeling like doing for a while, more than a whim, but not much.  I realized I had a host of free DJ software, a mixer, and a microphone.. and, well,, something about idle hands... 

Modeled (blatantly) after Adam Curry's Daily Source Code podcast,  I play a variety of tunes; old and new, with a little bit of blather from me in betweenPerfect car companion for your commute; put it on your iPod for your next workout at the gym or whatever.  Check it out.  Turn it up.  Enjoy.  Clocking in at about an hour and 17 minutes.

Link to the MP3 file here:    GG-001 Debut Episode

(To download-right click and select "save as")



I didn't listen to it at full-length, but did skip thru it in a CliffsNotes-fashion...quite the wide array of genres you've struck here ? ;)

Derek Cackler

Good stuff! I agree, the radio sucks, I never listen to it anymore, and the last of what I did listen to exited with Greg Kihn most recently. I just create my own and mash them into the ipod or MP3 disc. Quite the wide array and variety on the podcast. I'll have to check out Adam Curry's cast.

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