David Lee Roth Radio


For a brief moment David Lee Roth had his own talk radio gig.  From January to April of 2006 DLR had his own free-form morning drive show .  Here's a 13-minute sample where Dave weighs in on the Critical Mass bike rally.  Not great, but better than I would have expected.  A footnote in the history of radio, if that.

DLR bike rally

Interceptor Guy


In memory of Walter Fujimoto.  I went to school with Walter at Leland High.  Walter was lucky enough to have a Honda Interceptor back in the day.  Some friends of mine called him 'Interceptor Guy'.  They recorded this garage-band tribute to Walt back in 1986.  This is probably the only copy left.  I recently heard that Walter lost a battle with cancer.  Walter you were one of a kind. Interceptor guy.mp3

Interceptor Guy

Bender's Theme

Bender's theme 2

This is a mash-up I made of Genesis's "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight".  I added samples from the 1985 John Hughes film, "The Breakfast Club".  I like the the instrumental section in the middle of the song.  It lent itself perfectly to the scene in which Judd Nelson, as 'John Bender', describes the difference between life at Brian's house and life at his house.  I hope you enjoy it.

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Benders Theme)